SOLAR BUD - "Lightning Harvest"

From British artist Solar Bud, "Lightning Harvest" is a CD of powerful dance music spanning a wide variety of styles. With its basis in Psychedelic Techno-Trance, from the euphoric to the dark and twisted, this album is a fusion of a multitude of electric dance styles, a unique work of art for any DJ portfolio or bedroom soundsystem. Both esoteric and danceable, the tracks were made with solar electricity for a sound which is totally in harmony with nature. "Lightning Harvest" is the fusion of organic and digital, the union of technology and nature.

Since the dawn of earth spiritualism and pagan culture, people have spoken of the time when the iron structures of industrial society will give way to a new age of revived compassion with the planet which gave us birth, a new enlightenment and way of living in harmony with the eternally powerful creative force of nature.

Now the time of transition to that new age is upon us. the earth is preparing to cleanse herself. the beginning of the end of the fossil fuel age heralds industrial collapse, and a new way of sustainable living rises like a phoenix from the ashes.

The children of the sun are awaking to a fiery new dawn. Humanity begins to come of age.


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